The difference between pickling and cleaning solution

 FAQ |  2018-10-15
What are the differences between acid cleaners and environmental cleaners? Xiaobian today gives you the advantages and disadvantages of pickling and environmental cleaning from three aspects;
First of all, from the point of view of metal corrosion, pickling has inevitable corrosive damage to heat exchange equipment such as boilers and central air conditioners, especially hydrogen permeation damage, which causes damage to metal crystal structure and, in severe cases, hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen. Cracking, posing a potential hazard to the safe operation of heat exchange equipment.
The environmentally friendly industrial cleaning agent adopts biodegradable bio-acid. The metal corrosion rate measured by the national authority is only 1/20 of the national standard, even lower than the corrosion rate of the metal in water, and is the metal corrosion rate during pickling. One percent, even the cleaning agent solution does not cause damage to the skin.
Secondly, in the pickling process, because the cleaning personnel are afraid of acid corrosion equipment, resulting in equipment damage, so every time they dare not clean for a long time, industrial cleaning agents are easy to cause incomplete cleaning, although a certain cleaning effect has been achieved, but soon There will be scale problems. In addition to relying on its own non-corrosive advantages, the environmentally friendly cleaning agent also has a very high efficiency of dissolving, and can remove 4 kg of scale per kg of raw liquid, and most of the cleaning work can be completed in 2-3 hours, which improves the cleaning efficiency.
Finally, look at their respective degree of hazard. The acidity of the pickling waste liquid is very harmful to the organism due to its acid corrosiveness and the decomposition of the corrosion inhibitor. It is a serious pollution to the environment. The industrial cleaning agent pickling is a toxic and harmful high-pollution cleaning. The main components of environmentally friendly cleaning agents are biodegradable, advanced, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. If the scale contains no harmful substances, the cleaning waste liquid can be directly discharged.