Due to business development, the company is now recruiting the following personnel: Note: Our company provides working meals on weekdays.
First, the salesman: 3 specific requirements:
1, under the age of 35, healthy, gender: male or female
2, secondary school or above
3, articulate, quick thinking, can bear hard work and be honest and reliable.
4. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.
Note: There are energy industry, steel metallurgy, power plant power generation, cement and building materials and other industry experience and related party treatment.
Second, the designer and technical assistant: 1 specific requirements:
1, age 24 or older, college degree
2. Proficiency in CAD drawing software and good knowledge of drawing;
3, good at thinking, diligent in hands, rigorous and meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills and good team spirit;
4, will be engineering drawings, familiar with the welding process;
5, with 1-2 years and above environmental protection machinery or environmental protection equipment design and production experience is preferred
Third, the engineer: 2 specific requirements:
1. Gender is male
2, college degree or above
3, skilled application of CAD and other graphics software
4, diligence, enthusiasm, team spirit and good communication skills
5, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have strong adaptability and can adapt to long-term business trips
6, mechanical, HVAC environmental engineering professional priority
Contact: Mr. Wang 13511627155
Company email: Rony_Wang@ronwey.com
Company Address: No. 199 Lier Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province