Kunshan Ronwey Industry Material Co., Ltd. has established successful and valuable supply chain services for customers for more than 20 years. Our partnership with customers is based on trust, respect and excellent service, in order to be more convenient. Serving Asian customers, we established a joint venture factory in China in 2002. On the basis of the successful development of traditional industrial adhesives, the electronic adhesive agent business was actively developed in Asia in 2011, and in 2012, a branch office was set up in Yantai, China to distribute, store and sell products.
For different application fields of electronic adhesives, we have successfully developed a series of adhesives such as hot melt adhesive, light curing adhesive, structural adhesive, conductive adhesive, etc., and have been successfully applied in touch screen, mobile phone assembly, laptop assembly, Chip assembly, microelectronic packaging and other fields. supply chain
Our mission is to get our chemical products to the customer's factory without any problems, no matter where you are in the world, we guarantee that our products will be delivered to you at the right time and place. Our supply chain will be closely integrated with your production plan to perfectly match your production and make you even better in the competition.
Our team of experts and scholars from different disciplines will set up a dedicated development team for your products and markets to provide the products, services and solutions that best suit your needs. In addition to the traditional North American market, our business has expanded to : Latin America, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe.
Technology and new product development
Our R&D department and laboratory will cooperate with your new technology development and production to reduce costs, improve production efficiency and fully support the launch of new products while meeting production requirements. At the same time, we have rich experience and strong strength in the synthesis technology of adhesives, monomers and special resins.